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Juicing has always been part of my routine as I am always on the go at times it's difficult to sit down and have a hot meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, so juicing has helped with keeping my body filled with yummy nutritional fruits and vegetables. One day family and friends asked if I could juice for them and it started to become a routine, not until then when my sister, asked why don't I start selling them since they all enjoyed them so much. I thought to myself nobody would want to buy them, so I just put a random post on social media asking if anyone was interested and received 30 plus orders for my 3 day Juice Cleanse. Here I am 18 months later creating this website and still making juices with my own official storefront located between Northside and Heights. So welcome to Drip Drop Juices,my name is Melissa and I am your juice girl!

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