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Drip Drop Juices

Cleansing is simply another way to help your body stay healthy—
like eating right and getting plenty of exercise. 

Every Beginner Juice Cleanse consist of 3 juices a day (9 juices total)
You will receive your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Juice form,and can 
snack on Fresh fruits and vegetables in between juices along with drinking
a gallon of water each day while cleansing.

Fruits are recommended to have earlier in the day just because of the
natural sugar content. Below is a list Drip Drop Juices recommends but 
are not limited to others:

Vegetables have no limits so rather it's earlier in the day or in the 
evening below is a list of our recommended vegetables but are not limited
to others: 
*Brussel Sprouts

____All workout supplements (pre-workouts, fat burners, energy pills, coffee) is 
best to cut off as well during the cleanse to ensure you receive the best and
most effective results of the cleanse. If needed coffee must be black with no
added cream or sugar and best if we replaced with a  hot green tea with a shot 
of Apple cider vinegar and squeeze of lemon.

Rather you have chosen the 1 day cleanse (24hrs), 3 Day Cleanse (72hrs), 
5 Day Cleanse (120 hrs) or 7 Day Cleanse (168hrs), remember this is for 
YOU, make you better, Mentally & Physically. YOU 

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